Party Princess Gift Basket

  • The Party Princess Gift Basket is an ideal gift for celebrating the arrival of a precious baby girl. This thoughtful ensemble offers a delightful array of cuddly and delicious treats for both the newborn and the proud parents. The set includes a sparkling and cozy Sara Kety tutu onesie, a plush toy, and a soft pink swaddling blanket. For busy parents, the basket provides rich and aromatic fair-trade coffee, along with a selection of tasty snacks like chips, crackers, cheese, and chocolates. Lastly, a sturdy cutting board ensures they're equipped for all their kitchen needs.

  • This is what is included in this gift:

    Black Edge Acacia Wood Cutting Board : This cutting board is the perfect standard size cutting board for all your cutting needs. In addition, its beautiful coloring lends itself to the fine black edge along the front. Serve, chop, and eat in style with the Black Edge Acacia Wood Cutting Board.

    Sarakety It Girl Tutu Onesie 3 Months : "It Girl" onesie with gold dots and tutu. Size: 3 months

    Piccolo Bambino - Fannel Receiving Blankets : 4 deluxe flannel receiving blankets, pink, 100% cotton. 30" x 32" / 76 cm x 81 cm

    Nejaime's Lavash Everything Mini Flatbreads : Old meets New. These wonderful flatbread crackers are inspired both by traditional Middle Eastern Cuisine and Los Angeles-style deli snacks.

    Cheese : Wobblyhill Wine Soaked Cheese: Soaked in wine from Palatine Hill Estate, this Canadian cheese is a unique and delicious experience, making it the perfect addition to any collection of gourmet cheeses.

    Red Mug : The Red Premier Tazze Mugs are made of high-fired commercial-grade porcelain. Designed especially for cafes & coffee aficionados, these classic Italian-style mugs are a great choice for your café, home, or office. They are available in a variety of colors to suit your cafe's theme or branding. The capacity of the mug is approximately 9oz to brim.

    Perfectly Plush Kit Kat Grey : 7.5" Sitting Kitten

    Magnificent Bastard Fair Trade Coffee Dark Espresso Rascal : Delivers a deep and rich aroma while having a strong, bold roast with a kick. Live life a little and get a kick in the ass by having a cup of this coffee in your dull morning.

    Marich Milk Chocolate Cherries : Perfectly ripe, sweet cherries celebrate their naturally delicious flavor under several layers of creamy milk chocolate.

    Hardbite Smokin' BBQ Chips : When was the last time you turned down a barbecue? That’s precisely what we thought! We went to great lengths to ensure that our Smokin’ BBQ chips are packed with the promise to sound crunchy, feel hearty and taste smoky.


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